ofzone Privacy Policy

Customers use ofzone services to subscribe to alerts and updates about offers in their vicinity. ofzone collects and stores certain information to validate the users and to improve the quality of services provided to its customers.

ofzone respects your privacy and does not share or sell any sensitive information about ofzone customers to anyone.

Information we collect and information we don’t

We collect some information from ofzone customer to ascertain their identity, verify user details. Some information is provided by customer using our application for searching relevant offers or to subscribe to regular updates. As customers using ofzone application, you need to provide certain information for us to be able to serve you better. Certain information may be stored by ofzone as legal requirement and may be required to be presented to Government Authorities.

Your mobile number
Your mobile number.
Your preferences; like category selection, temporarily, to give you relevant updates.
Your location, temporarily, to give you localized updates.
Your offer redemptions, feedback you provide; so we can compute your reward points.
Nothing. We respect your privacy and do not share any information like your mobile number or any other detail we collect with anyone. Your mobile numbers are stored in an encrypted format in our database. Any other information we collect or store is processed systematically to give you most relevant personalized and localized offers. Manual access to your information is restricted.
Anything you don’t tell us.
Any information from your phone; for e.g. your contacts, history etc. We do not collect any information in the backend.
Any personal information other than your mobile number and your profile details.
Your location logs. We don’t track you.
Any user information with anyone.