Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses who want to use ofzone for marketing their products, services and offers, to reach targeted customers should create business login.
Only if you are a registered user on ofzone, you can use the platform to create offers or promote your products.

No. As a customer, you need not create a business login. You can access all benefits by installing the ofzone customer app from play store.
It's FREE!

There may be various reason why you are not able to login like your email id may not be activated, you may be using incorrect email id or password, you may not have validated your email id etc. When you go to business login and try to login, you will get the appropriate message specific to your login failure.

We don’t want to overload you here. When you install the app as a customer, the app has detailed FAQ under help that tell you how to use the app, the features and lot more. If you create a business login, you will get relevant FAQs at various steps.

About ofzone app

ofzone is an android app that alerts the target users about the promotion whenever they are in proximity.
@ofzone, we believe in "No Spamming" and "No carpet bombing" for our customers. So we send them relevant offer alerts based on a lot of data and analytics.